There are 3 simple but important things to know before buying your wig: 

1.  HAIRSTYLE – Are you willing to take a risk and change up your look? Go completely short or take a long shot! Maybe you want your look closer to your biological hair style.

Long Wavy Blonde with Highlights Synthetic Wig for Black & White Women | Natural Look Hair | Heat Resistant | Layered | Light Ombre

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If this is going to be your first wig, I recommend you stick as close to your current style or style you feel most comfortable in. Remember… A wig is a perfect hairstyle.After the honeymoon period in your first wig… I encourage you to think outside the box and try different styles and colors that you feel may suit you or you have always wanted to try. Wigs make this easy! Have fun with the advantage of being able to put on a perfect hairstyle in a minute! Even when wearing a wig that is extremely similar to your biological hair… You are going to feel like you look different…. because you do. You will have PERFECT hair! My suggestion is to stay as close to what you are familiar with until you get comfortable in your new wig! Play it safe 😉

2.  COLOR – The most exciting aspect of wearing wigs is that you don’t have to commit to any chemical damage or long term look as you can change colors as often as you change your mind!  

Dark Root Pink Ombre Synthetic Wig for Black & White Women, Natural Look Hair No Lace Front Long Wig Heat Resistant, Long Wavy Layered Ombre

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However, if this is your first wig I do suggest to play it safe and go with the color you are most familiar and comfortable with.  (Are you noticing a theme here? Because wigs are always going to look foreign on your head even if it is the best quality money can buy… you will feel like you don’t look like you!  But you will warm up to perfect hair pretty quickly.  This is why I suggest staying with a style and color close to what you already know.  But for the more adventurous spirit, go for it… have the hair you have always wanted to try!

For the most natural look I always suggest going for a rooted color or a hair color with highlights and depth. This gives a bit more of a natural look and feel over solid colors.

Remember, different lighting (outside, inside) will reflect a difference in color so make sure to check your wig in both when deciding your favorite color.

3.  LIFESTYLE – your lifestyle, schedule, and ability to style hair should be taken into consideration when buying a wig. How much time do you have to spend or are willing to spend on styling your hair? What climate will you be in? And of course… budget!

Someone with little time or ability to style their hair every day may want to consider staying with a synthetic hair wig as they are light weight and already pre-styled.  So, no matter the weather, you never lose your style! Of course, there is nothing exactly like human hair wigs. But they do have to be styled each time and are pricey.

Medium Caramel Brown Ombre Long Synthetic Wig | Natural Looking Hair No Lace Front Long Wig With Bangs | Water Wavy | Heat Resistant

The answer to these questions will determine whether your best options are synthetic hair or human hair wigs. They are both amazing and have their advantages over the other… But the most important thing is to figure out which works best for you.

Style, color, and lifestyle… figure these things out and you can now head in the right direction towards your perfect match! 

When shopping with us, we suggest you start with choosing the synthetic wigs or human hair wigs category. Then choose the style you were interested in. Once you pick the style you will have lots of color options to choose from. If you need help along the way please contact me. I love to help!

Wigs are easy to wear and quite addicting once you realize how convenient they are! 

New to wigs? Great news! The Yorksale Wigs are better than ever and so it’s pretty easy to get an amazing natural look that is comfortable and completely secure!

Dark Rooted Blonde Ombre Synthetic Wig with Bangs for Black & White Women, Natural Look Hair No Lace Front Long Length Wig, Heat Resistant

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